2009 Riverbench Santa Maria Pinot Noir

We’re wine club members at Riverbench and we pulled out the 2009 Riverbench Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir for tasting today.

Steve’s Comments Mary’s Comments
B+ Bright red but a bit on the light side. Color Bright raspberry color but looks a bit thin. A
A A nice hazelnut aroma. Aroma Wonderful aroma of mixed berries with a bit of barnyard. A
A+ Starts very nicely with bright fruit. Start Lots of fruit at the start but it is a bit tart. B
A- Good red fruit in the middle. Middle A light middle that’s too thin for me. B-
A Long soft fruit finish with just a touch of tannin. Finish Big fruity finish with noticeable tannins. A-
A I like this wine very much. It isn’t the best they make but it is why we’re wine club members. Overall It has a weak middle and a bit harsh at the end but the excellent flavors compensate well. A-

We both like this wine and look forward to opening another bottle soon. We did notice that it didn’t pair well with sushi so we’ll be trying the wine with a different food the next time.