Trader Joe’s Grenache

We buy a few everyday wines from Trader Joes. One of them is the $7 Lodi Grenache. When we went in yesterday we found that TJs had added a $10 Paso Grenache. We brought them both home and tried them out. Here’s how we rated them.

2010 Lodi Grenache 2010 Paso Grenache
Has a deeper redder color. Color A bit lighter in color.
More of an alcohol aroma with a touch of cinammon. Aroma Has a light hazelnut aroma.
Starts with just a bit of fruit. Start Starts sweet.
The dark berry flavors here finish quickly. Middle This one has a nice cherry middle to it.
The finish is somewhat light with blackberry and dirt elements. It does have some caramel flavor at the very end Finish This one also ends quickly.
What we noticed most in the comparison is how much lighter the fruit was and how quickly it finished Overall The nice cherry middle stood out in comparison despite the quick finish.
B Mary’s Rating   Mary’s Rating A-
B Steve’s Rating   Steve’s Rating A-

So, since both are under $10 it looks like we’ll be switching over to the $10 Paso Grenache.